Refund policy

  1. If we request a deposit, it is usually worth 10% of the total cost of the package, minus the touristic services contracted from third parties.
    The deposit covers the costs of travel consultancy services provided by us.
  2. If the tourist package contains services from third parties (for example accommodation, meals, transport), the required deposit also contains the amounts necessary to be paid to third parties, in order to reserve their services.
  3. The deposits are non-refundable, if not stated otherwise in the contract signed with the tourist.
  4. All the details regarding the refund policy and all the standard information regarding the travel package will be sent to the tourists, via email, before requesting and receiving any amount of money, as requested by Romanian and EU legislation regarding the travel packages.
  5. Payments can be done by online card payment, bank transfers, PayPal or cash in EUR, RON or USD.
  6. The price is set in EURO for foreign tourists or in RON for Romanian tourists. Payments can be made in EUR, RON or USD (at the bank rate), for foreign tourists or in RON for Romanian tourists.