How to book a tour with us

  1. If you are interested in one of ours tours, please send us a message with the exact number of guests, dates, changes you want to the itinerary, type of hotel.
  2. We will reply to you very fast with the exact price and detailed travel information.
  3. After setting all the details, regarding the final itinerary, hotels, dates, price, payment options and cancellation policy, we will send you the travel contract, as required by the European Law.
  4. The booking becomes active after paying the deposit, which is 10% of our services (if we book the hotels for you, the deposit will depend on the hotels booking policy).
  5. The payment can be done via bank transfer, PayPal or online payment. For PayPal and online card payment, a 4% surcharge is added to the deposit. The payment currency can be EUR, USD or RON.
  6. The remaining amount can be paid on the first day of the trip in cash, or one week before the starting of the trip, using the payment channels mentioned above.
  7. All of the amounts paid to us are guaranteed by our travel agency insurance, which can be seen here.

Why trust us?

  1. We have been reviewed by more than 150 customers so far. You can check our reviews on Tripadvisor here .
  2. We are licensed by the Romanian Ministry of Tourism as a tour operator. You can see us on the list of travel agencies licensed by the Romanian Ministry of Tourism here
  3. The owner of the travel agency, Mr Florin Ionescu is a certified tour guide since 2013 and a certified mountain guide since 2021.
  4. For our minivan, we have a transport license issued by the Romanian Transport Authority (ARR). The van is checked by an ARR authorised lab every 6 months. Also, according to the local laws, we have mandatory liability insurance for our passengers and their luggage.