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Romania Guided Tours Travel Agency - about us

We are a tour operator from Romania. We are based in Sibiu, Transylvania, and we are organising tours since 2013.


Our tours have been reviewed by more than 150 guests. You can see our reviews on Tripadvisor here.

Tour operator from Romania

We are based in Sibiu, Transylvania, and we are organising tours since 2013. We are organising usually small groups tours, the group size can be from one person ( solo travellers, you are welcomed here 🙂 ) to up to 20 persons.

Travel agency

We are a fully licensed travel agency by the Romanian Ministry of Tourism. We can organise full travel packages in Romania, including guiding, transportation and accommodation or we can offer just one of these services.

Sustainable tourism

We are trying to do business in a sustainable way.

  • we support the interest of the local people, trying to promote tours in the Romania’s rural areas, directing revenues to small local businesses.
  • at the same time, we are doing this trying to preserve the cultural heritage, organising authentic travel experiences
  • we try to take care of the environment, from daily gestures like recycling or using public transportation, to more long term actions
  • for example, every year, we redirect 20% of the profit tax to NGOs organising reforestation actions.

Custom tours

You can find on our website some of the standard tours we are doing, but if you are looking for something specially tailored for you, please let us know. We love to be challenged! 🙂

Licenses and authorisations

Romania Guided Tours travel agency is fully authorised by Romanian Ministry of Tourism to organise vacation packages in Romania or abroad. We operate under Tourism License number 194, which can be seen here


Romania Guided Tours Travel Agency is operating under Romanian and EU law. According to EU directive in travel packages, all the amounts paid to us are guaranteed by an Insolvency policy, listed here.


Romania Guided Tours is licensed by Romanian Transport Authority to transport tourists. We own a brand new Volkswagen Caravelle especially designed for small group tours. The van has AC on every raw of seats and enough space for luggage.

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